What’s Going On?

Hey Everybody.  Thanks for checking out my website.  It’s been a very good, very busy summer.  I’ve added group and personal training to my repertoire and it’s really going well.  Fitness has been a huge passion of mine since I started my healthy journey a little over ten years ago.  So it’s really awesome to be able to help other people get stronger, gain more balance and improve their conditioning.  Keep in mind, when your training and eating healthier,  don’t make it all about the weight on the scale.  Some of the best comments I’ve heard from clients so far are things like, “My wedding ring fits again,” “I’ve gone down another notch on my belt”,  or my personal favorite,”My husband told me he’s jealous of the definition in my quads!”  This is all awesome stuff that doesn’t always equate to losing 5 or 10 pounds.  Count every success!