How toTalk to Your Kids about Kyphosis

Parents: we need to talk about something very serious.  Something you might not have noticed.  Maybe even something you’re dealing with yourself.  I’m not talking about drugs or bullying or the terrible lunches your kids are being exposed to at school everyday.  While those are all very serious issues this is something I’m not hearing anyone talk about yet I see it whenever I’m in a high school/middle school classroom or anywhere else where there’s a lot of teens.  The subject I want to address hear is kyphosis.  The forward rounding of the back, particularly in the shoulder area.  I believe the main cause of this is from sitting at computers and looking down at smartphones too much.  Things were all guilty of and to some degree suffering from.   When I train clients  I always make sure to do corrective exercises like band pull-aparts.  These are great for strengthening those weak upper back muscles.  Here’s a link:  These can be done everyday.

Another basic thing to work on to correct kyphosis is practicing good posture.  Whenever you catch yourself or your kids slumping over, correct it.  Fix it before long term problems such as back and shoulder pain and even breathing difficulties creep in.