Low Hanging Fruit

A lot of times when people start thinking about getting healthy or getting in shape we often want to think short term.  21 day shreds, elimination diets and fat burning supplements but for long term success it’s best to focus on some smaller changes that can have a big impact.  One of the easiest things people could do to eliminate calories would be to eliminate sweetened beverages, whether that’s soda or sweet tea or coffee with sugar and add in water. If you’re only drinking 1 or 2 glasses (or less) of water a day don’t try to start drinking a gallon or 8-12 glasses or whatever you’ve heard you’re supposed to drink in a day.  Start with 1 more glass a day.  Work on that then go from there.  Take small steps to build new habits.  Sometimes it’s easier to start by adding foods rather than eliminating them.  Add a salad or green vegetable to your dinner to get adjusted to eating healthier foods then slowly decrease or eliminate foods that are not so good for you like refined carbs. If you’ve been inactive for awhile start by walking, hiking or riding your bike before jumping into more difficult activities like running or crossfit. Get a few of these healthy habits in place and then you can go from there.  You’ll have more confidence to take on bigger challenges.