Deprivating my sensories

The other day I had my first experience with a sensory deprivation tank. A new place opened in my area and I decided to give it a shot. If case you’re not familiar here’s a little background on what a sensory deprivation or float tank is. This is from their website: “Flotation therapy, or sometimes called R.E.S.T., involves floating in a highly concentrated Epsom salt solution (900lbs!) that is more dense than the Dead Sea. The float tank is quiet, dark, and free from distraction. The experience is profoundly relaxing for both the body and mind.” So I got there and the woman took me to the room where my pod was, showed me around, told me to shower before and after and then I was on my own. So I took a quick little shower (even though I had just taken one at home and not put on any products), put my earplugs in, opened the door and stepped in my pod. There’s a little light in there you can use until you get situated and once I was in a good position, with my head in a pillow thingy I turned out the light and closed my eyes. It was a little hot in there at first and I found it slightly difficult to breath. Also it smelled similar to a yoga studio which isn’t great but could be worse. I started to meditate while I was in there. I forget what I did first but I alternated between four breaths in, 8 breaths out and box breathing, inhaling for five, holding for five, exhaling for five, holding for five and repeating. It took me a little while to get in the “zone” mentally. I probably shouldn’t have had that iced coffee on the way there. I would have liked a little music in the room but it was completely quiet. Later I found out you can play your own music in the room but at the time I didn’t know that. Physically I felt good. I adjusted to the warm water and the epsom salts felt great on my joints. Finally I got into a meditative state. For a little while I was envisioning myself in a cave and then later in space which was pretty cool. Eventually I fell into a pretty heavy sleep but I have no idea for how long. Could have been 5 minutes, could have been 45 minutes. I was in there for 90 minutes total. At the end some nice music comes on to let you know your session is over. I got out, showered off and got dressed. I felt good. Very refreshed. Before I left I went into the lounge area which was very welcoming with couches, books, water and tea. I looked around while I drank some water. I could have easily hung out there for awhile but after 90 minutes I really needed to get home. All in all I enjoyed the experience and I’d definitely do it again. I imagine repeat visits would yield greater benefits and make it easier to meditate in there. But it’s not cheap. Roughly the price of a good massage and if I had to choose between the two, I gotta go massage. But I would recommend trying it out if you can and deciding for yourself.